36 years, a figure, doctors never believed I’d celebrate! 36 years since my heart operation, an operation that the doctor walked out of when he saw the damage to ask my parents how I had lived for so long without anything being done before, and why on earth I hadn’t been taken in years before!? When he finished the operation, he again said to my parents he simply didn’t understand how I was living!

There had been a child 2.5 years younger than me with the same thing who didn’t make it!

Only answer I have that I am alive, even with my MBD, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, and other challenges is for one reason and that is because of G-d alone!

I get asked why I always go out, and my answer? Well I want to live life to it’s fullest and the way I know how is by going out, partying it up and having a jol!

To those who call themselves my friends I am more grateful then you know!

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